Top 5 Glucosamine Supplements For Your Dog

You and your dog may understand each other very well, but when your best little friend is in pain, it’s nearly impossible for him or her to tell you what’s wrong. Many dogs suffer from joint pain and arthritis, especially certain breeds and all dogs as they age. Most devoted dog owners care about their pet’s health just as much as they care about their own health, and that’s why it’s important to understand what may be ailing your dog and how you can help. Glucosamine for dogs has a lot of outstanding benefits, and there are dog supplements available that can help you help your pooch.

Common Complaints: What’s Wrong with Your Pet?

Fleas, worms, skin conditions, and ear infections are some of the most common ailments that can plague canines of all breeds, ages, and temperament. Those are usually easily treated with a quick visit to your vet. The more serious concerns involve chronic issues like bone health.

Think about what your pet spends a lot of time doing. There’s probably jumping, running, digging, fetching, and playing that happens on a daily basis. These activities can put a lot of pressure on your dog’s skeletal structure, and they are what make joint care for dogs so important. It’s hard to imagine that being a dog is stressful, but all of a dog’s regular daily activities do put a lot of stress on their nervous systems, muscular systems, bones, and overall health. The best dog supplements will address those issues and help you ensure your dog stays healthy. Look for dog joint supplements that will protect your pooch the best.

There are specific products that have an especially great reputation for canine health. Before you start shopping, however, it’s important that you understand your dog’s physiology and what he or she needs from you and from dog supplements.

Dog Anatomy Lesson

Your dog’s spine is full of vertebrae, which are the tiny bones that make up a dog skeleton. There’s cartilage holding those bones together and it’s found at the base of the spine, near the dog’s head, all the way down to the tail and the paws. Nerve fibers and discs keep your dog flexible and feeling. This is the composition of a dog’s spinal area and bone structure.

One of the reasons you want to provide calcium for dogs is to avoid the potential for bone fractures. With a higher calcium level, the bones are denser and there is more of a mineral support system in place. Bone fractures can be hazardous for dogs, especially since they probably won’t realize that they need to rest and recover for several weeks. These are the types of bone fractures that calcium supplements for dogs can help you prevent.

For example, a closed fracture is when your dog breaks a bone but the skin is still intact, so you might not know a break has occurred. A compound fracture is worse, because the bone is sticking out, through the skin. Dogs can also suffer from greenstick fractures, in which case the bone is still intact and not broken, but there are small cracks that leave the bone and the dog vulnerable.

The most debilitating fractures for a dog are those involving a joint. A limping dog who refuses to put one foot on the ground needs immediate help. Back injuries can also spell big trouble for dogs. If you notice that yours is not moving normally, there’s probably something wrong, and you need to get medical attention right away.

Treatment is similar to the way fractured and sprained bones are treated with humans. There may be a cast or a splinter, as well as pins and screws inserted. It’s much better to prevent these fractures than it is to treat them. You want to give your dog every opportunity to live a healthy, playful, and pain-free life. The best joint supplement for dogs is one that will shore up the strength in the animals bones and joints, protecting the dog from potential fractures.

Vitamins for Dogs

You probably know well enough that you have to take vitamins to keep yourself healthy. It’s the same for your canine friends and family members. Many of a dog’s bone issues can be due to a nutritional deficiency or a lack of vitamins. Vitamin C is especially necessary to keep a dog’s bones strong and healthy, and calcium is also important. When you’re looking for joint supplements for dogs, make sure you find something that contains Vitamin C and calcium. While dogs don’t have a nutritional need for Vitamin C, many vets and animal experts have noted that animals who suffer from bone conditions and fractures are often low in their Vitamin C counts.

So, you may be asking – what are the best supplements for dogs? You can find recommendations from places like Animal Planet, your own vet, and other animal experts. The top products reviewed and recommended by often contain glucosamine.

Dog Glucosamine

Glucosamine supplements are becoming common for dogs. You don’t have to wait for your pup to have something wrong to begin introducing this valuable supplement into your pet’s diet. It treats and prevents arthritis, and it keeps your dog’s bone dense and mineral-rich. It’s hard to notice that your dog is developing arthritis. They are unlikely to complain, and no small amount of pain will keep them from chasing balls, begging for walks, and running after their friends.

The reason that glucosamine is so effective is its ability to attack any inflammation of your dog’s joints. It will soothe those joints and help the dog’s body repair its tissues and cells. The nerves will also be soothed, decreasing the amount of pain your dog feels, and helping your pooch return to his or her happy self.

The active ingredients in glucosamine are pretty basic: sugar and amino acids. This compound, which occurs naturally but often not in large enough amounts, provides the grease for joints, ligaments, and cartilage. It can repair any damaged cartilage and also protect existing cartilage from becoming compromised. Your dog will be able to protect its bones and joints by the extra doses of glucosamine certain supplements can provide.

The glucosamine your dog takes will do more than just shore up the strength in your pet’s joints. It will also improve the condition of your dog’s eyes, nails, heart, digestive tract, and skin. There are overall health benefits that will leave your dog stronger, happier, and more energetic. The best glucosamine for dogs will be a treatment that you can order online or get from your vet. Try one of these highly recommended supplements.

1. NaturVet Supplements

NaturVet makes a number of supplements for dogs that will treat joint pain and bone issues. These are often especially great for aging dogs or seniors. For example, “NaturVet” Senior Dog Joint & Hip Soft Chews will provide extra support for dogs who have passed their prime and are getting older. The aging process is inevitable, but these supplements will help your dog age in a healthy manner. The chews are soft and easy to swallow and digest. Hips and joints will stay flexible and your dog won’t be sore after your daily walk.

NaturVet Senior Dog Aches and Discomfort pills are also an excellent option for dogs who exhibit signs of pain and discomfort due to injuries, aging, or joint soreness. This is a one time-release tablet that will help your dog when such assistance is most needed. Maybe it’s in the evening, in the mornings, or just after a bit of exercise. This product is also particularly beneficial for older dogs, but any canine over a year old can use it.

The NaturVet products are popular because they work well and they are tolerable for almost any dog. They contain glucosamine and increase your dog’s ability to play, walk, and run. You’ll make your dog more comfortable and contribute to a natural and healthy aging process. There’s no need to worry about your dog’s physical activity or abilities; he or she will be protected and supported with either of these NaturVet supplements.

2. SmartBones Supplements

For help with hips and joints and any other aches and pains, try the SmartBones Functional Hip n Joint Dog Chew Sticks. If your pup enjoys chewing on a treat, this particular supplement will be fun. The chew sticks include glucosamine and chondrotin to keep joints working well and to protect hips from strains, fractures, and displacements. It’s a product that can help your dog feel better if he or she is currently suffering as well as ensure that future problems are thwarted before they can even take hold.

The best part about this supplement is that it feels like an actual treat to your dog. Instead of forcing a pill down the poor animal’s throat or stashing it in a piece of cheese or a smudge of peanut butter, you can simply offer the daily treat and enjoy the peace of mind that your dog is getting what’s so desperately needed.

3. Nutri-Vet Supplements

If you have a dog who is on the larger side, there is an especially pronounced strain on bones, joints, and ligaments. Larger dogs have extra weight on their bodies, which can cause an additional strain. You can help your large dog by providing dog joint supplements like the Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Chewable. This is another product that looks and tastes like a treat, so you won’t have any trouble encouraging your dog to take it. He or she will be eager and happy to snap it out of your hand.

This supplement also works well for dogs of a certain age. If it’s not size but years that are straining your pet’s muscles and skeleton, you’ll be pleased with the comfort and the support that this chewable supplement can provide. Your dog will feel better and be more willing to play and move. If you’ve had to take a break from your daily walks or your sessions of fetch at the park, this supplement will help you resume your regular activities with your favorite friend. Whether your dog is large or old or both, this product is on the top-5 list because it has received positive reviews from users and their canine companions.

4. Cosequin Supplements

Like glucosamine for dogs, cosequin provides support and sustenance to joints. It’s an excellent treatment for arthritis, and Cosequin DS makes two specific products that are popular and effective. They’re also safe for dogs in any type of health.

The Cosequin DS Chewable Tablet is an ideal supplement for dogs who seem to be in good health, but hesitate before jumping onto a bed or running up a set of stairs. If it takes your dog a little more time than usual to stand up and stretch after a nap, it could be sore joints and aching bones. This supplement will help ease the pain and give your dog the playful confidence that he or she once had. This supplement increase the strength of the cartilage in your dog’s body, and produces extra enzymes and proteins that your dog’s system can use.

You can access additional help with the Cosequin DS Max Strength Plus MSM Chew Tabs. This follows the same formula as Cosequin’s other chewable tablet, but it incorporates Sulphur into the formula. Why does this make a difference? Sulphur is an important agent that helps to nourish your dog’s skin, hair, and nails. It also strengthens joints and cartilage. So, it’s a useful ingredient for a dog who needs some physical help and maybe even a little cosmetic help. This formula is fine for the long term, so your dog will always be able to take it safely.

5. Vet’s Best Aches and Pains Dog Supplement

Rounding out the top 5 list of the best joint supplements for dogs is the Vet’s Best Aches and Pains product, which is especially useful for active dogs. If you have a pet who loves to run, play, chase things, and generally set a hard-to-match pace, this is the supplement that will keep your canine protected and healthy.

This supplement was created by veterinarians, so you know it contains only the best ingredients and most effective compounds. If you have some sort of training program for your dog that pushes him or her physically, this is a great supplement to take care of any temporary pain or soreness that may result from that training. It’s easy to use as a daily supplement, and it can treat a myriad of issues and illnesses, whether they are chronic or simply show up once in a while.

These are the 5 best dog supplements, as listed by There are a lot of other products you can try to alleviate some of the pain and prevent some of the nightmares that your poor dog may have to deal with. In addition to these supplements, you can buy vitamins for dogs that will contribute to their overall health. You can also buy apparatus that will help, such as harnesses specially designed to support joints, hips, and bones. Get a feel for what your dog responds best to, and the you’ll know what’s working.

Joint Care for Dogs: Choosing a Supplement

With all of the available products, it can be a bit overwhelming to chose a dog glucosamine product that you’re comfortable trying. There are a few things you can do to make the process less confusing, and to ensure you end up with a supplement that is safe and effective.

Not all supplements are created equal. Different ingredients are used and some products will add fillers that other products won’t. When you’re choosing the right supplement for you and your pet, you first need to establish what you’re treating. If your dog is already suffering from arthritis or has so much pain that playing, walking, or even getting up off the floor is a struggle – you’re going to need something that treats the inflammation and the soreness and offers comfort. If you’re hoping to prevent problems, that’s going to require a completely different type of product.

Once you know what you are treating, cast a wide net and look at all the available products that will meet your needs. You can spend some time in pet stores or even department stores looking at the calcium supplements for dogs and other vitamins and products. You can talk to you vet and consult experts in the field of canine health. You can also go online and read more about the products that you’re considering.

Online shopping is often one of the best ways to choose a supplement because you have access to so much information that’s in one place. You can read the ingredients that are found in each product, make sure you understand the dosing instructions, and check out any side effects or health warnings that may come with a particular product. This type of research can help you become a more educated consumer.

The major benefit to online supplement shopping is that you have access to customer reviews. Customers are reviewing everything these days, from restaurants to shoe stores. They’re also reviewing dog supplements. As you probably know, people who own and love dogs take an active interest in their health and happiness. Therefore, you can find a dynamic and engaged community when you go online looking for some advice about dog supplements. This is a treasure of information, so take advantage of it. Note what people are saying about each product, and feel free to contribute or ask your own questions.

You’ll have to consider price as well. When you love your pet, there’s no amount of money that will seem like too much. However, you shouldn’t have to burst open your budget just to keep your dog in good shape. If you buy supplements or vitamins from your vet, you can probably expect to pay top dollar. It’s not unusual for people to spend $100 or more on a single dog supplement. That is probably unnecessary. Do a little research on the products that are being proposed by your vet, and do what you can to find them at a cheaper price. Online retailers are very good at discounts.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Dog

While glucosamine supplements for dogs will help your pooch feel better, there are other steps you can take to protect the bone and joint health of your pet. First, pay close attention to diet. You can find foods that include ingredients that are good for your dog’s needs. Shop for food that is nutritious and healthy, and also contains things like calcium. A great diet can go a long way in keeping your pup healthy.

You also want to schedule regular examinations with your vet. This is especially important if your dog suffers from arthritis or joint pain, or needs regular medical attention. Make sure you see your vet often enough that he or she really knows your dog, and will notice any changes in mood, ability, or temperament.

Finally, continue to give your dog at least a little bit of exercise on a daily basis. This can sometimes be difficult for older dogs who are experiencing a lot of pain. However, getting those muscles moving will be good for your dog, and may help keep more debilitating issues from showing up.

There are dog supplements for everything from hair loss to itchy skin to anxiety. When your dog begins to show signs that he or she is slowing down and feeling pain, it can be an emotional and difficult time for you both, especially if the dog had been playful and energetic in the past. Don’t despair, however. With some of the best dog supplements on the market right now, you have your pick of products that are sure to help. Start with the supplements mentioned in this list, and see what kind of respond you get from man’s best friend.