Choosing The Right Dog Bed

As a dog owner, you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible, and a dog bed is an obvious and effective way to keep him off the furniture. A bed can also provide your pet with a sense of security, and can help to keep him warm. There are dozens of dog beds available at your local pet store, in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes, and your dog’s age, size and habits can also help you to decide.

Size may be one of your biggest factors when looking at dog beds. Of course, it will need to fit comfortably into whatever corner or alcove you have set aside in your home, but it should also provide adequate space for your pet to stretch out. A good rule of thumb is to buy a bed that is at least a few inches bigger than your dog is longer when fully stretched out. A more active dog will probably need a bed that is sturdier and well made, as well as larger.

Your dog’s bed also should be washable, and the larger it is, the more trouble this can be. The covers can generally be removed from a larger size bed to allow easier washing, whereas the smaller beds can just be thrown right in the washing machine. You can also reverse most dog beds, providing an extra surface to sprawl on, and this also has the big benefit of allowing a longer period between washes. Beds also come in different shapes and styles; you can buy an enclosed bed for a dog that loves to burrow, a bed big enough for two inseparable dogs, and beds that come with a separate pillow or are designed to be used outdoors.

An orthopedic dog bed may be the ideal choice if your dog has joint pain or is getting on in years. These beds for dogs often take up more room than regular beds, but will provide that all important cushioning to your dog’s bony parts, and avoid putting pressure on painful or sensitive areas. Heated dog beds are also available, if your pet likes to sleep outside, and you live in a colder area, or they can be ideal for replacing lost body heat in smaller dogs. It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars on a high quality bed for your pet, but you can also find perfectly adequate ones without breaking the bank.