How To Choose The Best Dog Treat

Our canine friends will need a nutritious and balanced diet to grow healthy. Most veterinarians will recommend giving them either dry or wet dog food as base roughly 90% of the time as these are formulated precisely for regular consumption. However, the lack of variety can make things stale even for pets. The remaining 10% can be dedicated to delicious and fun treats. They will surely look forward to these occasional breaks from monotony while benefiting from the special characteristics depending on the product. If you are new to all this, then here’s a quick guide in choosing the best dog treat:

Assess Your Dog’s Health and Dietary Needs

First of all, it should be emphasized that there is no single definitive kind of treat that works well for all pets. It is all relative so you may have to do a bit or trial and error to find out what suits your dog. Start with a candid assessment of its current state of health. This should provide clues as to the type of supplementation that would be good for it. For instance, a dog that is a bit skinny may be okay with high calorie options. It might require more of certain nutrients due to unique conditions.

Get Familiar with the Various Types of Dog Treats

There is an enormous amount of variety when it comes to these treats. Go to a pet store and prepare to be overwhelmed with the selection. Dried kibble is quite popular with its biscuit-like appearance and wide range of flavors. These can be used as reward during training. You may also want to check out the dental treats and buy a few of them regularly. These are excellent for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. It has special ingredients that prevent mouth problems and a chewy consistency that helps strengthen gums. There are also bones, rawhide, jerkies, and all-natural treats.

Check the Source of the Product

People are conscious of the sources of their food. We want to know if the items are organic, processed, and so on. We check where they are made and gravitate to certain brands that we trust. The same should be true for pet food and treats. The US implements strict regulations when it comes to the manufacture of such products. You can be certain that those made here are free from harmful substances that can make them sick. Other countries are not as tough with their regulations and some are known for supplying questionable products.

Find Reviews and Recall Information

If you find products that you like, list them down and perform a thorough online research. This should be easy and take only a few clicks. This extra step can save your dogs from disaster. Read the reviews written by other pet owners and learn from their experience. Their insights are golden. Check if the product or the brand has a history of recalls. Do not take chance with them. Ask your friends for their recommendations.